Upholstery Cleaning

Charges: Just £6/hour

What do you see when you enter your house? Floor, Ceiling, Lights and Fabric. Upholstery has the power to catch our attention and make us feel at home. The fragrance of clean upholstery is something all of us admire. But what if this same upholstery is not clean, stained and smelly? A NIGHTMARE! However, we understand your situation. Therefore, nobody wants to be in that situation of course. You want an upholstery cleaner immediately. 

Our brilliant team of cleaners give you the best fabric cleaning service. These elite professionals will make your upholstery as good as factory outlet. The cleaners help you keep your upholstery in such a clean condition that you can freely welcome guests into your house. Without hesitation!

Services and Process:



Armchair: £17
Two seater sofa: £22
Three seater sofa: £32
Four seater sofa: £42
Dining chair: £6 

All upholstery cleaning materials and equipment are included in the price.
Minimum charge of £45 applies for carpet and upholstery cleaning services. Additional charges for Congestion Charge and Parking may apply (if applicable).

Service Information

  • Price :£6
  • Cleaning Hours :1 Hour
  • Number of Cleaners :1 Cleaner
  • Visiting Hours :09.00am - 03.00pm
  • Contact :08000 614 189
  • E-mail :info@brilliantcleaner.uk